Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Ukraine

UAEITI develops system for monitoring and evaluation

Members of the Multilateral Stakeholder Group (MSG) and representatives of the EITI National Secretariat took part in a training on the methodology for monitoring and evaluating the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Ukraine (EITI). The event was held in Kyiv on July 16-17 with the support of the governments of Germany and Great Britain.

Coach, expert GIZ, Lutz Neuman presented the monitoring and evaluation systems, which are used by EITI International Secretariat and other structures. The participants analyzed the state of EITI implementation in Ukraine, the impact of the Initiative on processes and decisions in the mining sector reform, and those areas in which MSG should focus in the near future, so that the use of the Initiative would have the best and most effective impact on reform.



“It’s very important to hear from time to time all the parties – how much EITI really affects their activities and priorities. Such discussions provide an opportunity to focus on the most important areas for all, to identify priority areas. I hope that the priorities we have identified will unite the stakeholders around the Initiative and the reform of extraction in Ukraine, “said Olena Pavlenko, deputy MSG chairman, president of the analytical center “DiXi Group”.


As a reminder, in December 2017 MSG made a decision to launch monitoring and evaluation system of EITI implementation in Ukraine. Also, the separate working group was set up on this issue.

EITI in Ukraine