EITI glossary

Budget Code

Budget Code of Ukraine No. 2456-VI dated 8 July 2010


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Customs Code

The Customs Code of Ukraine No. 4495-VI dated 13 March 2012

Geoinform of Ukraine SRPE

State Geological Information Fund of Ukraine State-owned Research and Production Enterprise


Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

EITI International Secretariat

Independent body responsible for EITI implementation and management at the international level. It is based in Oslo (Norway)

EITI National Secretariat

National body, which coordinates and supports EITI at the country level.

EITI Report

Report containing the major deliverables of the procedures performed as part of EITI implementation at the country level for a year (in this particular case – for 2016)

EITI Standard

International standard of ensuring the transparency of a country’s natural resource governance process within the EITI framework


Preparation Plant


Gas transportation system

Independent Administrator

External independent entity, which provides the services on preparation of EITI Report for 2016 and which has no conflict of interest in respect of provision of such services


Integral property group


Joint Activity Agreement


Joint Venture

Law on Oil and Gas

The Law of Ukraine “On Oil and Gas” No. 2665-III dated 12 July 2001


Special permit for the use of subsoil

Ministry of Ecology

Ministry of Ecology and Natural resources of Ukraine

Ministry of Energy, MECI

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

Mining Law

The Mining Law of Ukraine No. 1127-XIV dated 6 October 1999

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine


Multi-stakeholder group, which includes the representatives of government, companies and civil society and has been created to control the process and communication on EITI Report findings, as well as to integrate EITI for broader activities on ensuring the extractive industries transparency


National Joint-Stock Company


National Bank of Ukraine


National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission

Non-production royalty

Rent fee for the use of subsoil for purposes other than production of mineral resources


Open Joint-Stock Company


Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


Private Industrial and Commercial Enterprise


Personal income tax

Production royalty

Rent fee for the use of subsoil for production of mineral resources


Public Joint-Stock Company


Private Joint-Stock Company

Procedure on granting licenses

The Procedure on granting special permits on subsoil use, approved by the Resolution of the CMU No. 615 dated 30 May 2011, as of 10 November 2016, unless otherwise specified in the EITI Report

Procedure for holding the auctions for licenses

The Procedure for holding auctions for sale of special permits on subsoil use approved by the Resolution of the CMU No. 594 dated 30 May 2011, as of 10 November 2016, unless otherwise specified in the EITI Report


Production Sharing Agreement


The Law of Ukraine “On Production Sharing Agreements” No. 1039-XIV dated 14 September 1999

Transportation royalty

Rent for transportation of oil and oil products through trunk pipelines and oil product pipelines through Ukrainian territory, natural gas and ammonia transit transportation via pipelines through Ukrainian territory

Reporting entities

Companies and government authorities, which provide the reporting data for further processing and presentation in the EITI Report


State Enterprise (unless otherwise noted)


State Commission on Mineral Resources


The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

Heolekspertyza SGE

State Commission for Examination of Geological Projects and Estimates Heolekspertyza


State Joint-Stock Company


Small Limited Liability Company


State Open Joint-Stock Company

Subsoil Code

The Subsoil Code of Ukraine No. 132/94-VR dated 27 July 1994

Geology Service

The State Service for Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine


The State Service for Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine (its operations is ceased by the Order of the CMU No 1021-r dated 30.09.2015)

State Statistics Service, SSSU

State Statistics Service of Ukraine

State budget

State Budget of Ukraine

State Labor Service

The State Labor Service of Ukraine, created as a result of reorganization of State Service for Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine and the State Labor Inspection of Ukraine

Tax Code

The Tax Code of Ukraine No. 2755-VI dated 2 December 2010


Ukrainian hryvnia


Construction Works Department


Unified contribution for mandatory state social insurance, Unified Social Contribution


US dollar. Average exchange rate in 2016 was – 25,55 UAH/USD


Value added tax


More definitions are available on The EITI Glossary web page.